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Cold Again!
With the Power of Zoned Heating
Zoned Heating Recliner

Relax those sore muscles...

Or warm up on a cold day at the push of a button with the Ultimate Power Recliner "Never Cold Again" Zoned Heating Technology! With an exclusive Dual-zoned Heating system that separately targets your back and your seat/legs, you can relax those sore muscles and achieve ultimate comfort.

"Never Cold Again" Zoned Heating Offers:

  • The only power recliner with heated leg section!
  • Dual-zoned Heating Technology: The back and the seat/legs
  • Adjustable temperature zones
  • Twice the heating coverage compared to standard power recliners
  • Independent zone operation
  • 20-minute automatic safety shutoff

Ultimate Control & Comfort

The Ultimate Power Recliner Zoned Heating Technology provides ideal temperature zones in the recliner to increase your comfort and relaxation. Not everyone prefers a similar temperature while relaxing in the Ultimate Power Recliner. Your kids, siblings or parents all have unique temperature requirements of their own, which makes the Zoned Heating Technology perfect for everyone in your house.

The exclusive Dual-zoned Heating Technology allows for the back and seat/legs to be set at different temperatures, giving you ultimate control over the comfort in each zone.


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